This product's natural extracts are from plants being safe, and is highly effective in weight loss! These ingredients are many natural plants thatposses the function of keeping the body trim. Plants such as Fen-chi, Eucomia bark, Chinese rhubarb, Cayenne, Tuckahoe extract, St. John's Worth, Vegetation Extract and Ginger. Chinese herbs can be used to influence the body's metabolism in different ways. Most people who need to lose weight would like to have their metabolism run more efficiently.

 Unitrim restrains the activity of lipase in the stomach and intestinal canal to enable the fat intake not to be absorbed by the body. This effect is shown in the form of defecating fats, in which people could excrete the equal quantity of fat. This has been made to improve the metabolism and basic metabolism ratio of fat. Unitrim does not only reduce fat, but also helps the absorption of minerals. It can make a balance over circulation while eliminating toxins and fat.

Other herbs that can help boost metabolic function are herbs that increase th qi and yang energy of the body. This class of herbs include Fen-Chi, Ginger, Cinnamon, Euncommia Bark. These herbs can also give you a boost of energy. These herbs also encourage healthy digestion and generally make a person's metabolism run faster and more effectively. This group of herbs can be helpful for those whose weight tend to accumulate around the abdomen.Detoxifying, bitter herbs are another class of herbs that can assist with weight loss. These herbs tend to reduce inflammatory, acidic conditions in the body that often trigger the cravings people have for inordinate qualities of unhealthy food. These herbs are particularly useful in people who tend to have veracious appetites for spicy, oily and sweet foods. They also may have a tendency for acne or oily skin, or slight reddish or ruddy complexion, These herbs include Chinese Rhubarb and Tuckahoe. Other herbs can be used to control and balance out the emotional conditions that trigger overeating. People who find themselves eating out of stress, sadness, depression, anxiety, or PMS, can find that these herbs balance out their emotional life and reduce the cravings for food. These are Vegetation Extract and St. John's Worth.


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